Web development

How to benefit from web applications?

Web applications are systems that work online, and can be accessible anywhere there is an internet connection and on multiple devices. They can be built for the consumer or for business needs, leveraging the power of internet in our processes.

Custom development

A web application can be developed from scratch, meaning that everything is re-done to fit the final need. That was the case for the platform Geoquants was part of the development for the Ministry of Transport in Laos. Custom development creates a lot of flexibility but requires more resources. However, even starting from scratch, we still use highly robust and tested open-source solutions.

Addition of functionalities

Most of the time, there is already an application existing and we need to add new functionalities. It requires understanding the technologies used by the original developers and being able to work in the same way.
This was the case, for example, when GeoQuants developed a function toautomatically publish content on a Facebook page depending on the weather. The app was already well established and working.

Customization of tools

For any solution, a great time and money saver is to look for existing open-source solutions which can be customized to fit the need. For instance, an ERP system can be adapted from an existing open-source solution. GeoQuants worked on a Human Resources Management system based on Odoo.
Also a full feature-software can be adapted through plugins: to enter parcels for the Lao land registration system, instead of rebuilding all the tricky functions around manipulating geographic data, we developed a QGIS plugin.

Past projects

Road Maintenance Monitoring System

Full implementation of a web based road maintenance work monitoring system.


Weather Forecast Analysis

Development of features for the weather data analysis marketing app Metigate.


DeepVision: data visualisation platform

Web application to visualise 1000s of Instagram pictures on an interactive map.


Dashboard on climate change data

Dashboard demonstrating research data on climate change resilience for 24 villages.


Audit of random number generator

Audit of random number generator app


Case management monitoring system

Web application to monitor cases and progress.



ERP system for staffs management.


Land Use Planning database

Advising and coding on a land use planing registrering application.


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