Newsletter of May 3, 2019

You receive this email because I’m lucky enough to be part of your professional network. Even though it’s a bit automated, you can answer it normally.

What I do

I am an independent data scientist. I help companies improve processes around data: analysis or visualization. I am based in Vientiane, Laos in a new office with two co-workers, we have a guest desk, why not come testing remote work a couple of weeks?

Recent projects

The beginning of 2019 seems to focus on this question:

“Our data is here in those files, how can we extract it more efficiently?”

  • L’Oreal, internal audit: automation of purchase audit process (info)
  • BFL-BRED Bank: improve and automate visa card reconciliation (info)
  • UCSF: analysis of malaria related raw data (info)
  • Analysis of early grade reading assessments raw data (info)

And a bit more upstream on the data flow:

  • Creation of a dataset of more than 30,000 images from e-commerce websites for machine learning

How can we work together?

Maybe you are slowed down in your work by data hidden in a PDF file that has to be open every-day, or you feel like accessing some indicators could help give better results. A collaboration between us could look like this:

  1. Answer this email to talk about the issues and your ideas about it
  2. Have a call together to exchange on the subject
  3. Plan two days of work to create a prototype (or maybe a full solution !) …And then…
  4. Longer term flexible collaboration depending on needs or project iterations

What about you?

What did you enjoy the most in the beginning of 2019?

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How can I help?

Whether you already know about your data pain points or just want to have a friendly conversation, send me a message.