Newsletter of December 5, 2018

You receive this email because I’m lucky enough to be part of your professional network. Here are some news about my recent activities in case you find it interesting.

What I do

I’m an independent software engineer and data scientist. I work with companies and institutions to create tools on data visualization or analysis. Maybe you can think of somebody in your network that might be interested in those services? More info on my website:

Recent News

The year 2018 finishes with three interesting projects.

  • A web application for the NGO World Education: define action plans, automate the reporting process, monitor cases
  • Creation of visualizations on medicine quality data for LOMWRU, a research center affiliated with Oxford University
  • Third iteration with the data science team of L’OrĂ©al on developing tools for marketing data visualization classified by neural networks


I started to give training on data analysis to researchers. Already two research centers, IRD and LOMWRU, followed sessions from my course “Master of Data”. An excerpt of the program:

  • Good practice on data management with spreadsheet
  • Excel secret tips and tricks
  • Maps creation with QGIS
  • Introduction to R

I hope my lessons will help them analyze more efficiently their original research data: study of medicinal plants through elephants food, detection of counterfeit medicine…


Two of my web development projects use VueJS, which is now my go to front end framework for web applications. Most of my data analysis projects are made with R, beyond its power what I appreciate the most is the reproducibility of the workflow.

What about you ?

Thank you for reading until here ! Now, what was the thing you did this year at work that you enjoyed the most? I’d like to hear about it.

And once again, if you know about any company/person that could be interested in business automation, data analysis or web development, let me know :)


How can we help?

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