Newsletter of July 5, 2018

You receive this email because I’m lucky enough to be in your professional network. I just want to give you some news about my recent activities, maybe you’ll find some interest there.

What I do

In case we have not spoken for a long time, I do freelance software development around data analysis/visualization for companies and institutions. More infos on my website:

Recent news

Past two months have been busy.

The dashboard I created for CIRAD is now finished and live, it explores data collection around 24 villages in Laos, it can be found here:

I organized with two colleagues the first edition of Vientiane Tech Talks, 4 speakers presented a talk to a small crowd of tech enthusiasts. I talked about the last project I had with the innovative people from L’oréal Data Science department. Hopefully the second edition will take place in September.

Finally I just launched Research Data Robot, a productized service aiming to provide data preparation/analysis/visualization at a fixed cost for researchers. Check out the website:

What is next

Heading back to France this summer, starting with teaching a GIS workshop at the conférence Ecole d'été de cartographie et de visualisation in Lyon, more infos here:, the program looks great, if you are into data viz then come check out the talks !

Otherwise I’m currently working on fee calculation for a land registration system, and I find myself weirdly appreciating the Windows stack and C# after so much time on Ubuntu and web technologies. Never say never.

What about you?

Enough of me, I’d be happy to have some news of where stuffs are for you now. Hit reply for a more personalized discussion !


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